The fastest growing market for Digital Media & Communications

Young demographic driving a digital transformation

Core competencies & strengths

With 2.5 million digital only media consumers & rising, there is a strong demand for digital media & advertising in comparison to traditional media. By 2021 Digital will become the primary form of content consumption across India

  • The rise of smart devices 
  • 100% FDI in M&E industry
  • Sunshine sector of the economy 
  • Diverse collection of content providers
  • Increasing adoption in the public sector

Robust demand

Higher 5G penetration & a rapidly growing tech enabled population driving increased digitalization

Faster than global

With developed markets stagnating in numbers & content, India is a new frontier for global media players

Rising new players

E-commerce, retail advertisement & the growth in number in rural & semi-urban India presents an attractive investment opportunity


The driving force behind the project; Pash Space International Pvt. Ltd. is a 20 year old diversified company that provides executive guidance & administrative support to power our  development agenda

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