Global Information Technology Services Destination

Home to 75% of the global digital talent

Core competencies & strengths

The Indian IT industry’s exports grew to  US$ 137 billion in 2018-2019 with US$ 44 billion in domestic revenue due to its inherent technological capabilities & increasing diversification into high tech offerings

  • Growing demand from new verticals
  • Diversified global footprint
  • Low cost competitive advantage
  • Increasing local adoption of tech
  • Innovations in governance & industry

Strategic advantage

From ‘low cost’ to ‘high value’ their has been a seismic shift in the nature of the Indian IT industry

Talent conveyor belt

A powerhouse for qualified engineers & innovators, a 100,000 employable engineers graduate every year nationwide

Global presence

Indian IT companies have over 1000 delivery centres across 80 global locations with diversified services & innovative offerings


The driving force behind the project; Pash Space International Pvt. Ltd. is a 20 year old diversified company that provides executive guidance & administrative support to power our  development agenda

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