The fastest growing R&D hub for MNCs

The world’s third largest technology startup region

Core competencies & strengths

From Aerospace to Automobile and from Healthcare to Retail, the rise of Global Innovation Centres (GICs) in India is testament to the high quality output of scientists & engineers in the region

  • Increasing investments in R&D
  • Increase in scientific publications 
  • Multi disciplinary talent pool
  • Increasing domestic demand 
  • Growing number of resident patents

Investment destination

India’s ranks third globally as the most attractive technology transaction destination

Growth in R&D

R&D and product development in India is valued at US$ 28 billion currently, forecasted to reach US$ 45 billion by 2020

Rising leader

A leader in technological advancement - Nanotech, Agritech, Nuclear Technology & Space Exploration


The driving force behind the project; Pash Space International Pvt. Ltd. is a 20 year old diversified company that provides executive guidance & administrative support to power our  development agenda

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