To create India’s

best technology cluster

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The foundation

A place where state of the art technology coexists with the natural environment

Designed to establish a global hub for technology industries, the cutting-edge business complex will incorporate environmentally friendly development to create spaces that will create new knowledge and innovation while boosting economic development in the neighbourhood.

Our values

We believe in a lasting social legay to go along with our economic development

Our impact goes beyond the creation of employment and wealth. Over the last two decades, the development of local communities has been critical to our vision, inspiring positive impact through sustainable business practices

Big Benglur is the next phase of our evolution

An opportunity to combine urban placemaking, sustainable design & prudent asset management

Integrated placemaking

To create a perfect blend of features that contribute to a healthy workplace environment

Sustainable design

From design to completion and future operations, our mission is to create energy efficient buildings

Asset management

As a landowner and development partner, we have added responsibility to safeguard & derive value through prudent management practices

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The driving force behind the project; Pash Space International Pvt. Ltd. is a 20 year old diversified company that provides executive guidance & administrative support to power our  development agenda

Corporate Office #674, 1st Stage, 1st Cross, 9th A Main, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Phone 91 98440 14225                Email