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Sustainable Infrastructure

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Welcome to big benglur

A unique & alluring proposition that inspires you to achieve more

Industry Partnerships

Big Benglur is a business hub that harnesses leading-edge technology and strategic solutions to establish a synergy with your core requirements, allowing your business to focus on what matters – stability, revenue generation, and growth.

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Our Key Differentiators

Find yourself at the epicenter of business activity with Big Benglur, an impressive commercial premise with office spaces that comply with modern architectural, technological and hospitality standards.


A pool of highly committed & result-oriented professionals.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Experience an energised work environment


The most appropriate premises to accelerate growth

Company Philosophy

To meticulously curate a tech-enabled ecosystem with a robust infrastructure programmed to catapult your success.

Custom Work Environment + _

At Big Benglur we adopt a precision-crafted approach to design workspaces that offer maximum comfort and boost productivity.

The expansive project spanning 1.6 million square feet features stylish, tech advanced spaces that adhere to the goals & guidelines of the Indian Green Building Council(IGBC)

This vibrant business environment offers tailored solutions to top-tier companies with the optimum infrastructure that will support growth and expansion making Big Benglur the ideal location for many such upcoming enterprises.

The Vision Pioneer + _

Big Benglur is an innovative solution conceived by Alam Pasha, a visionary who is revolutionizing the Indian investment landscape by improving the system and laying down fair practices. Over the years, Alam Pasha has become acutely aware of the dilemma of the global Indians, the world’s largest international diaspora, especially the financial pitfalls while investing in Indian markets. Currently, India is recognised as an investment-friendly nation and has attracted the attention of many leading multinational organisations. However, the diversity of options for NRIs or HNIs remains minimal and the ineffective counsel adds to their perplexity.

Big Benglur is an impactful prospect that will create a favourable investment environment in the country. The cutting-edge business complex that will house top-tier companies, is an amalgamation of eco-friendly design and state-of-the-art technology, programmed to boost economic development in the neighbourhood. Other than fantastic business opportunities it will also contribute to employment creation and local community development, bringing about a meaningful change across various spheres.

Customised Offices
Multi-Purpose Lounge Zones
Fully-Equipped Conference Halls
Ample Parking Spaces

Enhance Your Portfolio

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Enhance Your Portfolio

We draw from our experience and expertise, striving to add value with secured and assured investments options. At Big Benglur, we believe the success of our business partners is the true measure of our efforts.

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